Team Member

Arcea Chavez

Office Manager

Education & Credentials

As our patient, you can expect to feel like family. We strive to provide a positive experience for our patients. We want to make sure you leave with the peace of mind that your needs have been heard and met.

Patient Impact

One patient was embarrassed to smile because most of her teeth needed to be extracted. Later, she came in with permanent dentures. I did not even recognize her. She stood taller, smiled a lot, and was glowing. It was heartwarming.


I love '90s nostalgia, so I enjoy watching Friends and Saved by the Bell. My favorite movies include Hocus Pocus and Forrest Gump. I am a San Francisco 49ers fan, and I run away to Las Vegas any chance I get.


I have been working in the dental field since 2015, and I have over ten years of retail management experience. Customer service is at the forefront for me. I am originally from California and met my husband in Colorado. We enjoy playing with our dogs, watching movies, and spending time with family.